Chancellor Masrour Barzani received today UK Prime Minister’s Special Envoy to the Kurdistan Region, Lieutenant General Tom Beckett, to review progress in the anti-ISIL campaign and UK’s long-term support the Kurdistan Region’s Peshmerga Forces.

Chancellor Barzani welcomed UK’s commitment to train and support Peshmerga Forces after ISIL’s defeat in Iraq. He emphasised the importance of integrating and arming the Region’s armed forces in line with enduring threats from terrorism and a regional security strategy.

Lieutenant Beckett cited high-level dialogue with KRG officials in partnership with the United States and Germany to propose structural and administrative reforms to the Ministry of Peshmerga Affairs and security services more generally.

He said, ‘Peshmerga has become a powerful brand in the international community. It is the embodiment of the Kurdish fighting spirit.’

The meeting also touched on regional developments and potential joint operations to clear remaining ISIL pockets after Mosul.

The British Ambassador to Iraq, Mr. Frank Baker, and Acting Consul General in Erbil, Jon Sharp, also attended in the meeting.

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