Chancellor Masrour Barzani received today a delegation of from the Iraqi National Congress (INC) led by Secretary General Aras Habib Karim to discuss preparations for the upcoming referendum on 25 September 2017, Iraq’s next parliamentary elections and ongoing political disagreements between Erbil and Baghdad.


During the meeting officials reviewed at length bedrock differences between Erbil and Baghdad and political conditions that led to the rise of extremism. Chancellor Barzani called for an honest dialogue between the Kurdistan Region and Iraq’s political parties to address a question that has lingered for over a century.
He said, ‘The way forward must is to recognise the mistakes of the past and that this relationship is not working. We must negotiate to address the this historical case’.

The delegates expressed support for the rights of the people of Kurdistan Region and the pursuits of self-determination and recognised the sacrifices of Peshmerga forces in the anti-ISIL campaign. They agreed to continue cooperation to shape the relationship between both governments through dialogue.

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