Chancellor Masrour Barzani received today a delegation of Christian clergymen led by by Archibishops Bashar Warda and Nicodemus Daoud Sharaf to discuss the situation in liberated territories from ISIL and Iraq’s next chapter, including the upcoming referendum in September 2017.

During the meeting the officials reviewed measures to strengthen the already strong co-existence in the Kurdistan Region and ensure that it remains a safe haven for communities fleeing war and persecution. Chancellor Barzani said, ‘We are determined to present a better model in the Middle East.
The Kurdistan Region will remain a home and beacon of hope for all communities.’

Speaking about circumstances in liberated territories in the Ninewa Plains, Chancellor Barzani assured both officials that the Kurdistan Region supports their calls to govern their own affairs and will continue to protect the rights of Christians and other groups.The meeting attended by Mr. Khalid Jamal Alber, Director General for Christian Affairs in Ministry of Religious and Endowment Affairs, also touched on humanitarian and security needs for the Christian community in the Kurdistan Region and Iraq.

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