The Kurdish Year 2716 comes to a close. It was a challenging year anchored by the bravery of our selfless, united Peshmerga and the enduring spirit of the people of Kurdistan.

Masrour Barzani

I hope the New Year unites Kurdistan’s divided political factions. I believe this is possible if we accentuate the things that bring us together than trivial factors that drive us apart.

We are bound together by shared ideals for the future of our people. These ideals are rooted in the struggle against injustice. It’s the culmination of the journey underpinned by Peshmerga sacrifices and martyrs from the Anfal campaign and genocides.

I’m confident about Kurdistan’s future. I recognize our differences, but take comfort in our shared conviction for Kurdistan’s independence. We are Kurds first, and that should remain the unifying force.

I wish a Happy New Year to you and the brave men and women keeping Kurdistan safe throughout the festivities.

Masrour Barzani

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