Chancellor Masrour Barzani received today France’s Ambassador to Iraq, Dr. Marc Barety, to discuss regional security and political developments, including the anti-ISIL campaign in Mosul and beyond. The meeting reaffirmed the historical bond between Kurdistan Region and France based on shared values. Chancellor Barzani welcomed President Francois Hollande’s second visit as an ‘important and symbolic’ gesture rooted in France’s enduring assistance to the Kurdish people. Both officials reviewed additional measures to increase military and humanitarian aid, including treating wounded Peshmerga. Chancellor Barzani stressed that the Kurdistan Region must be included in future talks on governance in territories liberated by Peshmerga forces during the anti-ISIL campaign in Mosul. He added the roadmap to independence will be through dialogue with the Iraqi Federal Government. Ambassador Barety emphasized that the ‘long-lasting relationship’ with Kurdistan Region continues to flourish. He said, ‘We’re glad to be here when the security of the world and this region is at risk. Our support has always translated into practical terms’. The Consul General to Erbil, Mr. Dominique Mas, attended the meeting.


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